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Spc Smartee Duo Black Watch

Spc Smartee Duo Black Watch

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Not all days are the same
We don't feel the same, nor do we wear the same clothes?
So why always wear the same color smartwatch?

SMARTEE DUO is the ideal smartwatch for those who do not want to give up their style while monitoring their health.

For those who want to take care of themselves and be able to choose. For those who value flexibility.

Why its large 1.8 screen? It is embraced by the strap that you choose each day: WHITE STAR or LIGHT BLUE color if you opt for the lightweight DUO in light tones or DARK TITANIUM or BLUE MIDNIGHT if you identify more by the intensity of the dark tones.

To your taste on the outside and also on the inside
The 1.8? and high resolution provides optimal contrast, color depth and exceptional clarity that allows data to be viewed even in bright sunlight.

In addition, it has 6 brightness levels and several watchfaces so you can further personalize what you see and how you see it.

If on vacation you just want to know what day you live on and what time it is, choose a simple interface.
If in your daily life you want to see, in addition to this, the steps taken and the weather outside, make the jump to a more complete interface.

And no, not all days are the same nor do we need the same thing.

Do you practice any of these sports?
Walking, outdoor running, treadmill running, cycling, skipping rope, badminton, cricket, football, yoga, sit-ups (sit-ups), tennis, mountaineering, hula hoop, boxing, golf, hockey, elliptical bike, swimming , bowling or dancing.

If you choose any of these activities to improve your fitness and release endorphins, SMARTEE DUO helps you track your workouts, results and progress.

In addition, by including an oximeter and a heart rate monitor, you can see your heart rate and blood oxygen level at all times.

One week, 7 days, 168 hours
This is the time that your SMARTEE DUO dedicates exclusively to you on a single charge.

7 days in which you can see the data and notifications that arrive on your mobile phone in medium brightness, in which you can monitor an hour of sports, measure your heart rate every 10 minutes and all the functionalities that monitor your health working in parallel: control sleep monitor, stress meter, pedometer?

In addition, it only needs a little more than 2 hours to go from 0 to 100 battery and it has a power saving mode in case you need it to reach the last sprint with energy.

If rains. If you swim. If you shower with it.
Don't take it off.

Its IP68 protection makes it resistant to water and dust.

Monitor your workouts in the pool, play with the little ones in the bathtub, run in a heavy downpour, play tennis on clay or treat yourself to a relaxing spa session without worrying about water damage or dust leaks.

Because that simply won't happen.

Watch for what is not seen, but felt
SMARTEE DUO takes care of your physical health and goes hand in hand with your emotional well-being. And having a restful sleep and stress at bay are essential to living fully.

Observe every morning how your rest session went and use the information to take action on your quality of sleep if necessary. And, when the stress meter indicates a high level, stop, brake and activate Do Not Disturb mode.

Then practice some relaxing guided breathing for a few minutes with its help and thus reduce your agitation.

Don't miss anything and follow your progress from the app
Synchronize your smart watch with the free SPC SMARTEE app to receive notifications, record a high volume of data or review your activity comfortably from your mobile. You will see the history of information that the different functions of SPC SMARTEE DUO have obtained and that it has been collecting, classifying and storing.

Don't forget to celebrate your progress!

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