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14 calendar days for exchanges and returns

During the first 14 calendar days following the reception of the equipment, you are entitled to a refund or exchange provided these circumstances apply:

- The equipment has only been used as strictly necessary for taking a decision on its definitive acquisition.

- The hard drive and all storage devices must be formatted and with the factory configuration restored.

- You have to return the device together with all its accessories, manuals, packaging and seals in perfect condition, clean (for example, without fingerprints or with the screen protector without signs of having been peeled off) and correctly placed in their box, which has to be properly sealed.


Schicken Sie uns eine E-Mail an ventas@tiendasigloxxi.es mit Ihrer Bestellnummer und wir schicken Ihnen das Formular, das Sie ausfüllen müssen.

You will have to pay for the shipping of the item, and are responsible for any damage or loss occurring during shipment. You have three alternatives available:

1) Bring the equipment yourself.

2) Send it to us by post or courier service. We do not accept COD.

3) A courier can collect it at your home. This service costs €6,95 (VAT included) and is only available for peninsular Spain and peninsular Portugal.

Since you report your return until your device reaches our facility, it should not take more than 14 days. Otherwise, the return will be cancelled.

Our address for returns is:

Tienda Siglo XXI
Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 125, piso 13, pta 73
46022 Valencia, Spain


Once the device has been checked and the return approved, you have three options:

1) Money refund: Payment will be made by bank transfer within a term of 14 calendar days. Shipping charges are not refunded. For marketplace customers, the transfer is done via marketplace.

2) Refund in the form of a discount coupon: We shall immediately give you a discount coupon for the total value of your product.

3) Exchange it for a new one: If its price is lower, you will be refunded the difference by bank transfer or with a discount coupon. If its price is higher, you will pay the difference by bank transfer or by cash-on-delivery. In this latter case, a fee will be charged of 2.9% of the amount with a minimum of 2.90 euros.

Equipment that does not meet the requirements stated will be returned to the customer with these options:

1) Come and pick it up at our offices in Valencia (Spain).

2) Send it to you by courier service at a cost of 7 euros (Spain and Portugal) or 12,90 (European Union).

Tienda Siglo XXI reserves its right to reduce the returned amount in used items that can not be resold, damaged or missing parts or accessories.

Special situations

In case of defective product or different from description we will cover all shipping and returning costs.

Legal notice

Exception to the right of withdrawal: Spanish Law 7/1996 regulating the retail trade states in article 45 A that rights of withdrawal are not applicable to “supply contracts for goods the price of which is subject to fluctuations of financial markets that are beyond the seller’s control.”

Manufacturer’s liability: Spanish Law 23/2003 for Guarantees on the Sale of Consumer Goods sets forth in article 10 that “whenever it is impossible or disproportionate to claim remedies from the seller, the consumer can claim remedies directly against the manufacturer in order to obtain a replacement or repair of the goods”.

About Returns: Spanish Law 3/2014, amending the General Law for the Defence of Consumers, provides in Article 107 that "the seller shall reimburse any payment received from the consumer, including the cost of delivery (... ) However, if the consumer has expressly opted for a type different from the least expensive type of standard delivery offered, the seller is not obligated to reimburse the additional costs".