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Balum Trasmision Señal Camaras Por Red 2 Unidades - Imagen 1

Balum Trasmision Señal Camaras Por Red 2 Unidades

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Cameras - Generic
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"Passive twisted pair transceiver
"CCTV through twisted pair
"1 video channel
"Passive, 2-pin connector
"Range: 600m (B / N) / 400m (Color)
" 2 units

Passive transceiver of video, data and twisted pair power.
It allows to send the signal (video, data and power) of 1 camera through a single UTP cable. System formed two baluns, one of which acts as an emitter (splitter) and another as a receiver (injector). Both baluns have connection BNC (video), data (2 terminals) for PTZ, female power (emitter) and male power (receiver). In this way, the camera can be powered remotely and the video and data signal provided by it can be obtained. Of the 4 pairs of wires in the UTP cable, it will use 1 pair for video, 1 pair for data and 2 pairs for power. It is also possible to transmit audio instead of the data signal, making use of the data terminals with an audio connector.
It has an exceptional rejection of interference and has an internal TVSS system to protect against transient overvoltages. The maximum length between the end that connects to the camera and the output end is 400 meters for the color video signal, 300 meters for the PTZ data signal and 250 meters for the power signal.

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