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What is the warranty?

The warranty is a right that protects the final consumer against non-conformities (defects) in the acquired goods. It is usually resolved through product repair or replacement, although a price reduction or a refund may also be applicable, depending on each case.

Individuals or companies that purchase products for commercialization, integration into their production processes, or provision of services to third parties are excluded from this right.

What does it cover?

The warranty covers manufacturing defects, but not those caused by the user. In general, the warranty may not cover:

- Incidents derived from improper or different use than intended for the device's manufacturing.
- Incidents resulting from normal wear and tear of the equipment. For example, batteries and perishable products will be considered within their own perishable nature.
- Devices that have been exposed to dust or water.
- Devices exposed to inappropriate temperatures or atmospheric conditions.
- Devices that have been used contrary to the manufacturer's recommendations.
- Equipment on which inappropriate or unofficial software has been installed.
- Minor deficiencies in the software that do not affect its proper functioning.
- Equipment that has been connected with non-original accessories or consumables.
- Terminals that have been connected to inappropriate voltages.
- Devices that have been previously disassembled.

What is the validity period?

Customers from Spain and the European Union

1. New products: For purchases made after January 1, 2022, the validity period is three years from the date of delivery. For products purchased before that date, the warranty period is two years.

2. Products sold as new or used: One year from the receipt of the order.

Customers outside the European Union

The validity period of the warranty is determined by each manufacturer.


First of all, we recommend that you carefully read the instruction manual and brand support guides, where you can find solutions to the most common problems. You can also contact the manufacturer for assistance. Most problems can be solved by performing a factory reset and properly configuring the equipment.

If the issue is not resolved, verify the failure on multiple occasions and, if possible, in different ways. If you have not been able to solve it, you have the following alternatives to manage your warranty:

Customers from Spain and the European Union

1. With the manufacturer: This is the fastest and recommended option. Go to an authorized service center of the brand with your purchase receipt or contact them to find out how to proceed.

2. With us: Explain to us what is happening, and we will try to provide you with a remote solution. If the issue is not resolved, we will indicate the process for you to send us the device. Once received, we will process the warranty with the manufacturer or an authorized service center. If the issue is covered by the warranty, we will return the repaired device or replace it with a new one, covering the shipping costs back and forth. If the device does not meet the warranty conditions or functions correctly, we will return it as received, and the customer will be responsible for the transportation costs.

Customers outside the European Union

1. With the manufacturer: Go to an authorized service center of the brand with your purchase receipt or contact them to find out how to proceed.

2. With us: We do not offer warranty service for customers outside the European Union.