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Ubiquiti NanoBeam AC NBE-5AC-Gen2 5GHz 19dBi - Imagen 1

Ubiquiti NanoBeam AC NBE-5AC-Gen2 5GHz 19dBi

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The Ubiquiti NanoBeam AC NBE-5AC-Gen2 5GHz 19dBi is a product of the Switches and Access Points section - New state access points.
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Integrated management network
The Litebeam AC-Gen2 integrates an independent Wireless network to speed up and facilitate the installation of the equipment with a mobile device

Improved Noise Immunity
It also offers a better behavior against the wind. The PowerBeam ac directs the RF energy in a more precise beam width. With energy in one direction, the PowerBeam ac blocks or filters the noise spatially, therefore immunity is improved. This feature is especially important in an area filled with other RF signals of similar or similar frequencies.

Integral Design
Ubiquiti's InnerFeed technology integrates the radio interface into the antenna, so you do not need cables. What improves the performance, since it eliminates cable losses.
Provides higher performance due to a faster processor and innovative mechanical design at a low cost, the PowerBeam ac is extremely versatile and cost effective in its implementation.

Ac airMAX technology Included
Unlike the standard Wi-Fi protocol, the Ubiquiti Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) protocol allows each client to send and receive data using a schedule of programmed pre-assigned time slots. for an intelligent controller.
These time slots will eliminate the collision of hidden nodes and maximize efficiency. What it means will provide better performance in latency and scalability compared to any other outdoor system in its class.
The kit includes everything necessary for easy installation.

Brand Ubiquiti
Model NBE-5AC-GEN2
Characteristics - 24V power supply, 0.5A Gigabit PoE
- Passive PoE power mode (Pairs 4, 5+; 7, 8 Return)
- Supported voltage range 20-26VDC
- Maximum consumption 8.5W
- 19 dBi gain
- Operating frequency 5170 - 5875 MHz
- LEDs (1) Power, (1) LAN, (4) WLAN
- Channel width
- PTP Mode 10/20/30/40/50/60/80 MHz
- PTMP mode 10/20/30/40 MHz
- Dual Linear Polarization
- UV stabilized plastic housing
- Mast mounting kit included
- ESD / EMP Air protection: ± 24 kV, Contact: ± 24 kV
- Operating temperature -40 to 80 ° C
- Operating humidity 5 to 95% Non-condensing
Review date 06-30-2017 by MSB

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