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Rabatte und Coupons


What is a discount coupon? It is a password that allows you to get a discount on your purchase. It normally is of a temporary limit and may be universal or restricted to a certain product, user or minimum purchase.

Where can it be obtained?

- Become a friend on our Facebook page. We usually publish two or three a month and combine the general ones (the same for everyone) with those subject to doing something such as taking part in a game or replying to a question.

- In our newsletter. You will receive an email with the week’s offers and novelties, amongst which you can find discount coupons.

- When you receive an order, in the parcel, you may possibly find one.

How are they used? When you place your order, on the payment confirmation page there is a box where you can include it.

The coupons are not provided at the customer’s request. They are a tool for rewarding and generating loyalty to users that follow us on the social networks, are subscribed to our newsletter or have already made their purchase.