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MOTOROLA E201 Telefono DECT Call Blocking - Imagen 1

MOTOROLA E201 Telefono DECT Call Blocking

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The MOTOROLA E201 DECT Call Blocking Phone is a product of the Telephony and Fax - DECT wireless section of the new state.
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The Motorola E2, an elegant and easy-to-use terminal. It has a white and black screen that when shines bright amber, incorporates all the main features of modern cordless phones. Offers call blocking, up to 10 specific numbers. It also has the "do not disturb" mode when you do not want to receive calls or messages or receive alerts by bell or light.

Brand Motorola
Model F52000K50O1AES03
characteristics general
- GAB compatible
- 1 bases, expandable up to 4 terminals
- Base station / terminal security
- Indoor / outdoor range - up to 50m / 300m
- Dialing mode - tone and pulse
- Search for terminals
- Warning of out of reach
- On / off the phone
- Possibility of naming the terminals
- Keypad lock
Screen and menu features
- 1 black and white alphanumeric line - screen 14 segments
- Backlit screen
- Alarm clock
- Call duration timer
- ECO and ECO PLUS reduce energy consumption
- 9 languages ​​to choose
Sound / Audio
- Hands-free speaker
- 5 monophonic melodies in the base
- Adjustment of the volume in the terminal- 5 levels and silence
- Phone earphone volume - 5 levels
- Keypad tone on / off
- Sound in the base (Applicable only to the version with answered)
- Agenda for 50 names and numbers
- Phonebook names appear on incoming calls
- Caller ID - type I / type II
- List of incoming calls- 20
- Day and time of the call list
- Recall memories - 10 entries
- Copy incoming number identification to the calendar
- Copy number in recall memory to the calendar
- MUTE mode
- Auto-talk (automatic response)
- Redial
- Possible pre-dialing
- Conference to 3
- Transfer of calls between telephones
- Communication between terminals
- Maximum length of redial number - 24 digits
- Maximum name length in calendar - 12 characters
- Maximum length of number in memory - 24 figures
- Maximum length of terminal name - 10 characters
Block call
- Block of calls by phone number (up to 10 phone numbers)
- You can block calls by type of call, there are 4 different: international, rejected, unavailable or calls from public telephones (paid calls)
- Do not bother
- Energy efficient power
- 2 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
- Low battery warning
- Time in conversation and waiting time - up to 10hrs / 200hrs
Review date 09-10-2018 by AVN

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