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Santander and Google launch a free course on Artificial Intelligence

Published on 2024-07-09

Banco Santander and Google announced this Tuesday an agreement to offer free training in Artificial Intelligence through an online course at the Santander Open Academy.

This course, titled 'Santander | Google: Artificial Intelligence and Productivity', premiered this Tuesday on the platform and is available in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Thanks to this course, its authors explain, students will be able to leverage the potential offered by this technology to apply it both in their work and personal lives.

Among these acquired skills, Santander explains in a press release, are improving productivity, acquiring basic knowledge, or developing the necessary skills to automate tasks, generate ideas, and solve problems more efficiently.

"This course represents a significant contribution of tools to improve professional competencies, generating greater labor competitiveness and an effective adaptation to the demands of the current and future market," highlighted the Deputy Global Director of Santander Universities, Rafael Hernández.

Furthermore, Santander indicated that the course is designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their previous technical experience. It is taught in a "simple and direct" language, facilitating the understanding of the fundamental concepts of AI and its growing influence in the work world.

The course is divided into three modules (Fundamentals of AI, Practical Applications of AI, and Effective Requests) and those who want to sign up have until December 31 to do so.


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