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Hello, human! I'm TeknoBot, your guide in the universe of Tienda Siglo XXI. I'm always loaded with fresh information and I'm here to introduce you to my brand new Blog. In this cyber corner, you will find what you need to know about the latest trends in technology and computing. From articles that seem from the future to tips so useful that you'll feel like a movie hacker. So, sharpen your circuits, adjust your antenna, and get ready to dive into technological knowledge.
  • Moto G 2015: The New Face of Motorola's Bestseller

    If there's one product that marks the rebirth and second life of Motorola after its acquisition by Google, it is undoubtedly the Moto G, launched by the search company in 2013 as the device destined to reinvent the mid-range.

    When the Moto G was introduced, it was a device that promised everything for a maximum price of 200 euros in its most complete version. Its price-quality ratio and its compact and elegant design quickly turned it into the king of the mid-range: Moto G was a small Nexus and had Google's warranty behind it, which undoubtedly propelled it to stardom.

    Posted on Product analysis

  • NFC, the technology that has revolutionized our wallets

    It has already been 10 years and we have all adopted and integrated it into our lives without even knowing its name, thanks to contactless ticket cancellation systems in urban buses, the metro, and other types of public transport. However, it is particularly in this last year that this technology has truly entered our wallets by making the leap to mid-range smartphones.

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  • Microsoft reinvents itself with the Surface Book

    Microsoft aims to make its mark in Cupertino, or at least that's what can be inferred from the launch of its new Surface Book, the revolutionary new convertible laptop designed 100% by the Redmond giant, with which it challenges what has always been its biggest rival, first in the software realm - which it nearly monopolized for decades - and now it seems also in the field of high-performance hardware and design.

    Posted on Product analysis

  • The 800 MHz Band and 4G Networks in Spain

    Pocas veces algo como resintonizar la tele había reportado tantos beneficios. La liberación de la banda de 800 MHz permitirá la expansión rápida y económica de la cobertura 4G, además de mejorar la velocidad. 

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  • Job Offer at Tienda Siglo XXI

    Due to the growth in international markets we have experienced in recent months, we require a new employee to perform customer service tasks (email, marketplaces, and phone), community manager, and marketing in our online store.

    Posted on Store info

  • The legendary Commodore returns as a smartphone

    The Commodore 64, the legendary 8-bit computer that enjoyed its heyday in the mid-1980s, has made a comeback, albeit this time at the hands of two Italian entrepreneurs under the name of Commodore PET, an Android-based smartphone featuring an eight-core SoC inside, and a 5.5-inch screen.

    Posted on News of the sector

  • The best time to buy a smartphone

    The mobile phone market is highly fragmented, and unless we are loyal customers of a specific brand, the decision on which mobile phone to buy and when often becomes tedious.

    Posted on Tips and tricks

  • Stylistic V535, the Fujitsu industrial tablet that withstands almost everything

    Fujitsu presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a tablet aimed at the industrial world that is unique in the market, the Stylistic V535. A sophisticated device designed to withstand bumps and scratches, liquid spills, dust, disinfection, and even falls from a height of 1.8 meters.

    Posted on News of the sector, Product analysis

  • Iris and hand reading identification: fiction or reality?

    Fujitsu today announced that it has developed an iris authentication system and has built it into a prototype smartphone. Just by looking at the smartphone’s screen, the user’s iris gets read instantaneously, enabling the smartphone to be unlocked.

    Posted on News of the sector

  • Samsung impacta con el diseño del Galaxy S6 Edge

    Samung presentó ayer en el marco del Mobile World Congress (MWC) de Barcelona el que será su buque insignia a partir del 10 de abril: el Galaxy S6 Edge. Si el fabricante surcoreano pretendía impactar en el diseño, sin duda lo consiguió. Hacía tiempo que no se veía en la industria una innovación como la del doble cristal curvo de este terminal.

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