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NFC, the technology that has revolutionized our wallets

Published on 2015-10-29

It has already been 10 years and we have all adopted and integrated it into our lives without even knowing its name, thanks to contactless ticket cancellation systems in urban buses, the metro, and other types of public transport. However, it is particularly in this last year that this technology has truly entered our wallets by making the leap to mid-range smartphones.

You're in line at a supermarket and there's the typical lady with her inseparable canvas trolley discussing deals while the cashier scans products. You watch the last item being scanned as you wait for her to pull out that astronomical wallet that could almost serve as credentials to apply for a gold bonus, when suddenly you see her pull out a shiny, latest-generation smartphone and bring it close to the POS terminal. Beep! Paid.

Just a few years ago, this might have seemed almost alien, but nowadays, it's becoming less surprising to find oneself in the aforementioned situation. The invention, NFC technology, Near Field Communication, has many practical applications ranging from payment in stores or identification at ATMs, file and money exchange between individuals, and even unlocking your car door with your mobile phone.

In practical terms, the majority of stores have already enabled this payment method and it's rare to find a bank card that does not include the new chip among its features. So much so that in countries like Denmark, they are seriously considering the possibility of eliminating cash.

The secret of this technology is near-field communication, or in other words: data transmission at high speed over a maximum range of about 20 cm. The immediacy with which the exchange occurs without the need to previously link the devices - something that does happen with Bluetooth - makes it a technology of great versatility, so we are probably still very far from having seen all its potential.


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